Custom Quilting

Long Arm Service

Most people send their quilts out to be finished by someone who has the equipment to do this.  I have a long arm handiquilter that is computerized quilt machine that offers many design for you to pick from.  If there is a specific design you are looking for, I can always search the internet to see if I can find it.

One customer had a beautiful quilt with Penguin Parents looking down on their child.  They wanted to keep with the motif and I found them a Penquin with a ski hat and scarf surrounded with snowflakes.

There are many things out there to choose from and I will help find the design the best i can.

My services run from .01 cent an inch to .05 cents an inch.  The difference is in how close the stitching is together.  The closer the stitching the more thread is used and time on the machine.

I also offer 100% cotton batting at 5% over whole sale cost.  I buy in balk because it is much cheaper for myself and as as you.