Our Story

Starts in Northern Michigan

I spent years making restructured sweatshirts with contemporary art appliqued on them.   I did this while continuing to work as a Human Resource Manager.  At first the sweatshirts were sold through stores and Art Shows.  Then my husband and I retired to a beautiful lake in Northern Michigan.  I continued selling the sweatshirt for a while and finally closed down shop.

Now what do I do?  A number of my friends were quilters and it did not take me long to find a new passion.  I purchased a long arm machine so I could quilt my own quilts and save money.  I started making Table Runners, Pillows and Wall Decor.  Friends and neighbors were buying things, but the house was getting full.

So I decided to create a web site to bring my products to a new market.  I hope you enjoy my work as you look through some of the creations that I can make for you.

Everything is made with fabric, either in a quilt made from scratch or the wall decor which is done from Folded Fabric placed behind a card stock cut out.  All of the pictures come nicely framed and can be customized.