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I have always enjoyed creating things from scratch.  As a child my sister and I would created things from magazine articles for the different holiday season.

As the years continued things that I enjoyed most were making things for others.  Starting out by restructuring sweat shirts into wearable art.  They were either appliqued or hand painted, but it never looked like a sweat shirt when it was finished.  It could be a jacket or and asymmetrical sweater.  After several years of doing shows all over the state of Michigan I closed shop, however I still had a sewing machine and a serge machine, what do I do now.

A friend of mine was a quilter and it did not take me long to figure out that this could be fun.  So I purchased my long arm quilter so I could finish off the creations that I made.

One day my sister got me started on Iris Paper Folding, it was a lot of fun and I thought, I have all these scraps of material, why don’t I use these to make Wall Decor.  It took off and now I am back into doing art shows selling quilts, pillows and wall art made from Fabric.

In addition I take in work for other people and finish their quilts for them.

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Custom Quilting

Helping you create and complete custom quilt designs on the long arm computerized quilt machine.

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Custom Designs

Creativity abounds in the fabric art of quilting. Let's work together to craft something beautifully unique to you.

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Seasonal Designs

Crafting for the 4 seasons and holidays is a great joy. View a selection of work that I have created.

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